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Football is no doubt the most popular sport in the world, both in terms of playing and viewership. Millions of people step out every day to either play or catch a glimpse of football action. Some go to the field while others love to follow the action on television.

New Zealand has not been left behind in this craze. Even with the popularity of rugby, there is still a great football following in the country. This section is all about football, with educative, informative and interesting articles packaged in the following sections:

NZ Football

How is the state of football in New Zealand? This section mentions the most famous players and clubs in the country. It delves into the exploits that have made them celebrities among the football faithful in New Zealand.


How is football organised in New Zealand? This section takes care of that question by looking at the structure of football in the country, mentioning the different levels into which competitions are organised. It also explores the top division and the different cups that are available for grabs.

European Football Leagues

As part of football competition, New Zealand is also alive to competitions across Europe. While the top divisions are more popular, this section takes a deviation and looks at the leagues that are unsung, yet they are highly competitive.

Football Leagues and Tournaments

This special section of the site focuses on tournaments. It outlines the most popular ones across the world then goes ahead to highlight what sets tournaments apart from leagues.

For all lovers of football, this is a highly resourceful site. Get in and enjoy!