The Structure of Football in New Zealand

Football is a well-known sport in New Zealand. Most people in the country often visit the stadiums to watch and cheer their teams as they participate in major competitions. Football competitions around the world are mostly organized by football associations.

New Zealand also has a sporting organization that helps the growth of football in the country. This governing body is known as the New Zealand Football. Football is the third most loved sport in New Zealand after cricket and rugby.

Fighting for Fans

New Zealand Football has coped with competition from other sports and have managed to develop a strong football fan base in the country. They have been able to record a total of about 35,000 people in a stadium which is a large number of fans attending a football match.

This board has also done a great job of organizing some football tournaments and leagues in New Zealand. It has participated in some national football leagues. The association helped New Zealand football by developing the ISPS Handa Premiership. They also organized the National Women’s League and the Women’s Knockout. Football federations and football clubs are allowed to take part in these national competitions which help to attract more people to football in New Zealand.

New Zealand Football has also organized football leagues for clubs in New Zealand. Some of the competitions include:

  • The Northern League

It is a league that is run by the Auckland Football Federation. A total number of 12 teams take part in this competition.

  • Central Premier League

This is an amateur league. It only has ten teams taking part in the competition. It is ranked at the second level in New Zealand football.

  • Mainland Premier League

This competition is named as Mainland Football. It is the best football competition on the southern island. The competition consists of 8 teams.