The Unsung Football Leagues in Europe

The European continent is one that has embraced the footballing culture with some of the greatest, and most entertaining leagues found here. The leagues here have a huge fan base not only in Europe but in every part of the world. This is as a result of the quality and the competition displayed in the leagues.

Just to name a few popular leagues, we have the EPL of England, La Liga in Spain, Ligue One in France, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A. All these mentioned leagues are the top flight competitions in the specific countries.

Still, there are some unsung leagues that are highly competitive.

Primeira Liga

It is the top-flight football competition in Portugal. According to UEFA rankings, it is currently at position six. It is under the Portuguese Football Federation. It was founded 85 years ago in 1934 and comprises of 18 teams. Benfica is the current champion and also have the most titles.

Russian Football Premier League

It is ranked at number seven among European leagues, and it is the Russian elite football competition. It is under the Football Union of Russia, and it was established in 2001. It hosts 16 teams and the top three teams in a season get to participate in the UEFA Champions’ League.

Ukrainian Premier League

It is Ukraine’s topmost football league, and it is under the Football Federation of Ukraine. According to the UEFA rankings, it is at position 10 in Europe. It was initially founded in 1991 as Vyshcha Liha and later in 2008. It became the Premier League. It hosts 12 teams.


Using the UEFA ranking, the Netherlands’ top-flight football competition is at position nine. It is under the Royal Dutch Football Association and was founded in 1956. The league currently has 18 teams with Ajax being the most successful. Pim Doesburg has the most appearances in the league with 687.