Major Football Tournaments Around the World

Football is an exciting sport that is loved all over the world. National football associations try their best to ensure that the domestic leagues are a complete success for both the fans and the players. These organisations also help in organising football tournaments. Some of these tournaments are continental, while others are global. Here are some of the major tournaments around the world.

FIFA World Cup

This is the greatest football competition around the world. This competition is done among countries from all the continents around the world. Only the qualified countries are allowed to take part in this prestigious competition. The winners of this cup are crowned as the best footballing country in the world. This competition is excellent due to its immense impact on the glory of the winning team. Everybody likes getting that glory, thus making the world cup very important.

UEFA Champions League

This is the greatest club competition around the world. Only top European teams are allowed to participate in this great club competition. It is the best tournament in the world in terms of finances. The competition is also played in high-quality fields in Europe. All European clubs and players dream of taking part in the Champions League at one time.

Copa America

This is the oldest football competition around the world. This competition involves national teams of the CONMEBOL confederation. There are also two guest teams that are invited to take part in the competition. This is one of the most exciting competitions to watch. This is due to the great dribbling ability of most South American players.

African Cup of Nations

Africans are crazy about football. This tournament features some of the finest football nations in Africa. The most successful African nation is Egypt. The most recent African Cup was well battled, and Algeria emerged as the winners, trouncing Senegal.