Haaland was caught up in the stupidest scandal in Norway. Even his father attacked him on Twitter

Haaland was caught up in the stupidest scandal in Norway. Even his father attacked him on Twitter

The German championship is over-finished as expected. Bayern, as usual, took everyone out, although RB Leipzig came first after the first round. Borussia Dortmund have not been a serious competitor to Munich this season. As a result, Favre’s team fell behind Bayern by as much as 13 points-69 against 82.

Well, at least Dortmund finished second. Although it used to be much better. In 2012, it was Jurgen Klopp’s posh team that became the strongest in the Bundesliga. Since then, no one can stop Bayern. Here is directly at all no one.

But Dortmund, as always, have a lot of hypertalented players. Including the clever Erling Holand, who suddenly broke into the elite of world football. The man is only 19, he only moved to Borussia from Austrian Red bull six months ago, but has already lit up in the Bundesliga.

Holand scored 13 goals in 15 League games, and in the Champions League managed to drive PSG well. Let in 1/4 in the end and passed Paris. In short, Holand is almost the main youngster of world football, already playing at the top level. And how much potential is there… Don’t be surprised if in a couple of years Holand finds himself, say, in a club from Munich.

And they will pay 100 million dollars for it.

In the meantime, Holand is on a well-deserved vacation. Stryker spends his vacation in his native Norway. Great, but Erling got into trouble. The 19-year-old forward was kicked out of a night club, so he had a fight with security guards. A video appeared on the Internet that shows one of the security staff of the institution pushing the football player away. Holand continues to make claims until his friends pull him back.

It is logical that the first version — the kid got drunk. Caught star fever. Went on a spree and that’s it. In fact, Holand wasn’t even … drunk. The conflict occurred for an idiotic reason, possible only in the era of the coronavirus. According to Norwegian media, the player violated the rules of staying in a public place during the pandemic. A lot of fans gathered near Holand, fans of selfies wanted a photo or autograph. As a result, the management of the institution had to ask Holand to leave.

In General, Erling became a victim of his own popularity. Although, apparently, he behaved with dignity and dignity. Yet Holand has already been condemned… by his father. In public, Alf-Inge Holand, the former Leeds and Manchester city defender, posted an unambiguous tweet. Providing the text with a threatening photo with an axe.

“Erling, get back to work. The night life of a big city is not for you, ” Holand Sr. wrote.

Holand scored as many as 44 goals during the season. This is for Red bull and Borussia together. Freaky performance for a teenager. It is logical that almost all the top clubs wanted Holand six months ago — the most real seemed to be a move to MU to Sulsher, who worked with the young Erling back at Molde. But at the last moment, the striker (or his agent Mino Raiola) chose Borussia.

Dortmund made a great deal, paying only 20 million euros for Holland. With a transfer cost of 45. And now, after 15 class matches in the Bundesliga, Erling is estimated at 72 million.

Holand’s father, of course, is actively involved in his son’s football life. But she doesn’t make decisions for him. In 2019, when the clubs were bidding for Erling, Alf-Inge was making headlines. And he said that ” the son is most suitable for the APL. Playing there is his dream.” But, as you can see, the father did not interfere in his son’s career. And his decision to move not to England, but to Germany.